Original Customs is dedicated to creating the highest quality restorations and customizations on the market. We offer a full range of services including mechanical work, rust repair, metal work, engine building, electrical and wiring, fiberglass work, stereo installations, and much more. We can customize your classic car without sacrificing originality (it's why we chose our name) and we can go all the way to wild, fully customized cars.

Rust is a constant battle with our aging classics. Original Customs has experience using Oxy-Acetylene, MIG, TIG, and Arc welding to eradicate the rust that plagues classic automobiles. It's important for us to have access to all four types of welding because different situations call for different tools. There are plenty of shops out there that just use MIG welders. That works okay, but we have higher expectations. Original panels are utilized whenever possible, but many times parts cars or new stampings are not available. In these cases we are able to create panels from scratch.

We believe that every car should fulfill its owner's desires. If you love power windows, your car should have power windows. If you want an eight speaker stereo system, you should have one. From minor alterations to major overhauls, we can give you the car your heart desires.

To talk to us about your projects, contact Mark De Bernardi at 707-738-5686 or mark@originalcustoms.com.